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Technology Relationships


    S1’s Postilion:  Postilion is a family of products that run on Microsoft windows 2000 and use Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine: the online transaction processing application Postilion Realtime; back-office application Postilion Office and the eSocket set of modules are used to transaction-enable any channel for integration with Postilion Realtime.  Postilion Office provides post-transaction processing of data retrieved from Postilion Realtime.

  Morphis MorphisCM:  A true client-server based multi-tiered software system that allows you to perform all the tasks involved in ATM and Branch currency management operations into a single, centralized, integrated, enterprise-wide package giving you more control and automation over your business operations and thus resulting in significant cost savings. 



 RS2 Software BankWORKS®: BankWORKS® is a flexible modular high-end client/server based payment solutions software designed to meet present and future business needs in the international payment industry. BankWORKS®, as one of the leading edge products supports all aspects of card issuing and acquiring services needed by financial organizations or retailers to operate as professional players in the card market. BankWORKS® is built on open architecture, taking full advantage of new technology and business opportunities offered by Smart Cards, e-Commerce, Internet and Mobile-Banking.



Solution Partner 


Unicel Technologies :  Unicel provides a complete set of wireless and messaging solutions to help enable our customers exploit the wireless revolution. Whether you are a network provider, a content provider or an enterprise, Unicel’s mission is to  help you realize all your business needs by combining innovation, systems development and IT off shoring and delivering value through innovation, speed of implementation and most importantly at a lower cost.
Our core value proposition lies in the fact that we can integrate a breadth of solutions to your requirements while optimizing network efficiency and achieve reduction of overall cost.  



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